San Francisco Family Portraits: Nikki and Andris

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing sister and brother, Nikki and Andris. Nikki had flown in from Colorado, and both wanted to find something special during her stay to give to their mom for her birthday, which just happened to be while Nikki was in town. After seeing most every tourist spot in San Francisco (and every gift shop in between), they couldn’t figure out what to get Mom. So, I said, Why not a nice portrait of the two of you? What mother wouldn’t want a professional photo of her children, right? So, we decided to make a road trip out of the day and drove down to Pescadero. We visited the Harley Farm, which is a great goat cheese farm where I have photographed weddings in the past. (To check out those images, just click here.) After the goat farm, and checking out the local Chili Cook Off, we headed to the beach. It was overcast and cold, but I as we were driving, I saw a great field of flowers, and thought it would make for  a nice portrait. Nikki and Andris were good sports and braved the thorny blackberry bushes and pricker bushes to get to just the right spot.

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