Being a “Green” Business

Here’s a little more about what makes me “green”:

A_Greener_cmyk1) I am a Certified Greener Photographer (Leadership Circle level) and currently serve on the Board of Directors for Greener Photography. Greener Photography is a place for the photographic community to consider the environment; learn to conserve and better preserve our resources and images; and connect by sharing suppliers, ideas, and methods. Together we can learn how each of us can be more green, advocate for change within our field, and provide a place for informed discussion about how we can make photography greener. The nature of our tools and traditional materials makes photography a high-tech field; it is an energy-intensive activity. We believe that we can make our high-tech field more green by implementing environmentally-friendly practices, and encouraging suppliers to do the same.

businessseal-lg-green2) I am a member of Green America, as well as a member of the Green America Green Business Network. Open to members of Green America, the Green Business Network is a  highly selected group of socially and environmentally conscious business leaders. As a member of Green America’s Green Business Network™, members conduct business according to standards that reach beyond contemporary practices in addressing the needs of consumers, employees, the community and the environment. They certify and can demonstrate that they strive to operate in a socially just and environmentally sustainable manner.

3) My company is an approved member of the Green Chamber of Commerce. The Green Chamber of Commerce is a growing and diverse business network dedicated to:
• Promoting the success of its members,
• Supporting the development of sustainable business practices, and
• Advocating for a green public policy

4) My company is an approved vendor of the Green Bride Guide. The Green Bride Guide has everything you need to plan a green wedding! Here you can find pictures from real green weddings, articles and advice on eco-chic decor, and a wide range of green wedding gifts. They also have the largest green wedding directory in the country, to help you connect with local vendors.



5) My company’s Oakland office is certified as a Green Business by the Bay Area Green Business Program. The BAGBP distinguishes small businesses that protect, preserve and sustain our environment. Their partnership of environmental agencies and utilities assists, offers incentives, and verifies that participating businesses conserve energy and water, minimize waste, prevent pollution, and shrink their carbon footprints. Businesses that meet BAGBP standards are officially recognized as “Bay Area Green Businesses”.

6)  I  have modified my business practices to be more environmentally friendly. I’ve covered areas such as business practices, technology, office work flow, and client products & services. Simple tips I recommend for any photographer to become more green include: reducing/reusing/recycling, using non-toxic/eco-friendly products, employing local vendors and staff, eliminating paper waste (go paperless!), using electronic media, employing energy saving techniques, using public transportation/carpooling, purchasing carbon offsets, and investing in green technology. My company also offers a special eco-friendly wedding photography option for couples interested in having an environmentally friendly wedding album. These albums are made by Cypress, an environmentally sustainable company, and are:
• Acid-free, which keeps your photos in a PH-neutral, archival environment.
•Tree-free, made from 100% cotton linters, which are a waste byproduct of the textile industry.
•Chlorine bleach-free, keeping harmful chemicals out of our homes, not to mention our water sources.
•Sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers.

7) I have had the pleasure to work for, as well as photograph, many San Francisco Bay area green businesses and environmental organizations. I always enjoy working with companies who’s mission are in line with my own values. Just a few of my favorites include: Environmental Defense Fund, Student Conservation Association, World Wildlife Fund, Green Festival, Build It Green, David Brower Center, Tioga Energy, Artemia Communications, Hanson Bridgett, LLP, Lexicon of Sustainability, San Francisco Community Power, Pet Camp, Alonzo Printing, Veritable Vegetable, Lick Wilmerding High School, Temple Emanu El, and others.

If you have more questions about my green/eco-friendly business practices, please feel free to Contact Me.