San Francisco Weddings – Client Testimonials

“Rebecca, Not only are your pictures amazing but you as an individual are too! When I first saw your pictures on your website and I started working with you I was impressed. As we continued to work together and met several times, my admiration grew. I honestly didn’t think I could be any more impressed and then…the wedding day arrived! Every wedding day has its challenges and my son’s was no exception. You quietly took control and guided us through the unexpected –  offering advice when appropriate. And I thought you were “just” our photographer! So my first thank you is for your calm counsel and assistance with the wedding itself! My second thank you is for the way you worked with Phil and Gretchen. As you know, Phil was very apprehensive about having his picture taken formally. When I spoke to him after they arrived at the reception it was clear that he had fun. My third thank you is for the amazing pictures.  I didn’t expect that I would wake up the day after the wedding and find 4 gorgeous pictures in my inbox. Both Gretchen and Phil look radiant – there is no other way to describe it. The way that you used the light produced spectacular images. I have shown the pictures to many people and every one of them have said “oh my gosh these are beautiful – they look like a magazine spread!” Phil and Gretchen called to thank us for the wedding and Gretchen was bubbling with enthusiasm over the pictures and Phil, who wasn’t going to put any pictures on his desk, is already talking about which picture of Gretchen to have printed! I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures. And the entire family is looking forward to working with you again.” – Nancy Whipple, Fremont, CA


“The images are amazing! Everyone I have shared them with LOVES them! Thanks so much for documenting our special day in the rain! This experience was absolutely terrific! You are so super talented and got some of the cutest candid shots!” – Karey & Ben – Chicago, IL

“Oh, I love it! Thank you! I’m so glad we found you. You made all the difference! The images of us on your blog are fabulous (and I think that’s an understatement!). I love your work! You were phenomenal. Simply, I would not recommend any other photographer. You put us both at ease and in so doing got the best shots, better than we even hoped or wished for. There were so many it was hard to choose! You knew City Hall intimately and where to get the best shots. You kept us relaxed, even fed us! You caught the wonderful moments of our special day and captured the emotions perfectly — of us as a couple and with our loved ones. ” – Carla & Chris, San Francisco, CA


Our experience with Rebecca was nothing short of amazing! She is so professional, knowledgeable, talented and most importantly FUN! We are so thankful to have had her photograph our elopement where she acted as our photographer, coordinator and witness. Rebecca captured every moment of our day allowing us to show the pictures to our family and friends who have now said they felt as though they were there with how well EVERYTHING was photographed. -Brittney & Steven – Antioch, CA



Thank you so very much for everything you did to make our wedding perfect. I am so happy that I could have you as our wedding photographer. I love, love, love the pictures you sent us! They are just gorgeous!! I was like “who is this beautiful girl in this picture?”:-) – Kana

“Beyond capturing absolutely amazing shots, Rebecca is great to work with throughout the wedding process. Over a month before the wedding, Rebecca took the time to sit down with my wife (finance at the time) and myself to discuss style of shots that we liked.  She confirmed how much focus we wanted on family vs. couple shots and specific moments we may want captured.   She even learned the names and relationships between people to ensure good pairings as well as avoid pushing the two divorced parents into a shot together. Rebecca has a very intimate knowledge of City Hall weddings, which brought a lot of order to what would have otherwise been a confusing process for us and our families attending. I would have to agree 100% with the other comments below and experienced the same professionalism. My wife and I are so happy that we have such wonderful pictures to treasure for the rest of our lives.“- Kana & Scott – San Francisco, CA


If you are getting married at City Hall (or anywhere else for that matter), you’d be crazy not to use Rebecca. She was so much more than I photographer for us. Not only did she know all of the best spots to get beautiful pictures, but she also knew where we needed to be, at what time, who knew what, who to avoid, etc., etc. She’s an expert on the location, so it’s like getting an amazing photographer plus City Hall guide in one. She made everything so smooth and effortless. Then to see the shots she created: Wow! They were stunning! I can’t recommend her enough. – Sarah & Mike, San Francisco, CA


“Rebecca, thank you so much for photographing our big day. Picutres are not usually our ‘thing’ so we were a little apprehensive, but we had such a blast with you and couldn’t imagine our day without you there documenting it for us! Our families were very excited to meet you and were impressed with your professionalism and organization. Although we had never met you in person before [the wedding], we felt as though we had….and that made taking pictures more comfortable! During our 10 years together, we have never had professional photos taken of us, so this was an incredibly memorable experience, and we are very glad to have chosen YOU as our photographer! Thank you again for all of your hard work and dedication!” – Mike & Lina – Torrance, CA




“Wow wow wow!!! The pictures look amazing!! I love it!! Thank you Rebecca! You are awesome!! Wow!! These pictures are beautiful!! The picture with me and my dad still makes me cry!”
– Maiko & Joel – San Francisco, CA




“Rebecca, thank you so much for your wonderful work. I enjoyed the photographing session and appreciated your chill attitude. The photos look great! Chris’s family had a reception, and they played the slide show from your blog, which was liked by all. Including us, of course!! “– Veronica & Chris – Oxford, England





“Oh. My. Goodness! These photos are absolutely amazing! Tyler and I are thrilled just looking at these! You are so absolutely talented! We cannot thank you enough for working with us! I am actually still stunned after looking at the slideshow. The photos are beautiful…truly stunning! I know at times it was difficult at times to capture the shot that you wanted, but thank you for staying cheerful and working with us. You are the best! You have proved to be much, much more than just our wedding photographer, and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it! Thank you so much.” -Natalie & Tyler – San Francisco, CA



“OMG we just died! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! And the kind intro you wrote made me cry – you really explained what Adam and I have for each other…that feeling that is deeper than love, it’s “fondness!” I think that is what will keep us together and happy. So thank you – I’d say more but I’m a bit at a loss right now!” – Emily & Adam – Los Angeles, CA




“Thanks so much, Rebecca! These are amazing. You made the whole day work so smoothly. We can’t thank you enough!”
– Sarah & Eric – Berkeley, CA







“These are terrific, Rebecca. The photos are soooooo wonderful! Exactly what we wanted. They’re lovely, and we can’t wait for the prints!! We all love them, even just the preview ones, everyone was saying how amazing they were! Thank you again for the wonderful job you’ve done in capturing probably the happiest, most memorable day of our lives.” -Anthony & Sarah – Oakland, CA



“We loved the pictures Rebecca took of our wedding. She definitely has her own style which we liked first time we saw her pictures. She knows every corner of the City Hall and has an amazing package for couples who want to have their ceremony held in this beautiful place. We started from the top of the building and went down to the first floor before the ceremony and we had time to go outside to take more pictures after the ceremony with family. We booked Rebecca for additional two hours after the ceremony to take photos of us at our favorite locations – North Beach and Baker Beach. She is very aware of light and had us moving quickly between locations to capture the shots we wanted. She is easy to work with and we had a lot of fun. We love our pictures and we are glad that she was our photographer for such a special day.” – Alice & Stan – San Francisco, CA


“We found Rebecca’s blog on San Francisco City Hall weddings and our decision was made instantly. Rebecca’s style was like no other and it was exactly how we wanted our day documented. We were in Texas, she’s in California but that didn’t matter. From start to finish she went above and beyond what most photographers would have done. Even from a long distance she is thorough, communicative, concise and easy to get along with. It was like having an additional family member present at our ceremony. Choosing Rebecca to document our special day was the best decision we made! We still remain in communication with her to this day and have high hopes that we will again use her services.” – Rebecca & Cesar – Houston, TX




“What an absolutely amazing job you did for our wedding! We (and EVERYONE who sees them) continue to be blown away. Thank you, thank you, thank you for these memories and for the beautiful words on your blog post. WE are honored to have had you spend the day with us. ♥” – Lauryn & Jayd – San Francisco, CA




“You are absolutely amazing!!!! I love them! I have been staring at the photos since I got in to work this morning at 8am. I forwarded them to my sister and she loved them, but more importantly Louis and I loved the piece you wrote about us. During our honeymoon in Colombia, a good chunk of our time was spent reminiscing about our ceremony and how great you were to us. The nice thing about having a small, intimate ceremony is that every person who was involved/attended is very special to us and remembered very fondly. You blended nicely into our small family circle as if we knew you all along… was very comfortable, fun and warming to have you as our photographer. We enjoyed every moment! We got so lucky to have you as our photographer!” – Carmen & Louis – San Jose, CA




“OMG. We love the photos!! I couldn’t possibly be happier with them. I can’t stop looking at them. They tell such a perfect story of the day, and you really got some great moments that we will remember forever. And my sister (also a photographer back on the east coast) was blown away, she loves them too! We are really, truly, extremely pleased with the photos. I can’t wait to show them to everyone!!  Thank you so much! “
-Jennifer & Ted – San Francisco, CA



“We are so lucky to have chosen you to be the recorder of our special day. You made us feel at home during the whole process. It was like the six of us together hanging out as a family. You will always be in the happiest memory of our life. The photos are amazing! All of our families and friends LOVE the pics. They kept telling us how beautiful the venue was, and how good we (especially the bride) looked. My sister told me she was so moved that she cried when she looked at the photos. We sincerely thank you for presenting our wedding in such a fabulous way. Your work truly made our wedding special, and made one of the most important memories in our life so warm, sweet, and glamorous. We really can’t thank you enough!”
-Peicheng & Yaqin – Los Angeles, CA

“Rebecca was my first choice for my wedding photographer! Her photographs speak for themselves. She was extremely professional and organized during the planning stages and made us feel at ease. On the our wedding day, she was fantastic! When needed, she took charge in a way that wasn’t pushy—just like part of the family. At other times she hung back and captured moments that were special and allowed me to see moments that I “missed” that day. Overall, I couldn’t have had a better experience. The photos are fantastic and Rebecca is professional, down-to-earth, extremely knowledgeable, unobtrusive, warm, organized and very, very talented. I hope to have her document many more events in my life. I highly recommend her.” – Gina & Michael – Oakland, CA



“Rebecca, have I mentioned how much I *love* the photos yet? If I haven’t please accept my apologies. I had no idea that I could have a decent photo taken of myself, and yet there is evidence that it’s possible! Thank you again for making our day so special and stress-free.”
-Mary & Jeff – Fairfax, VA

“Not only is Rebecca is an amazing photographer, but she is organized and resourceful which is super helpful when trying to plan a wedding. We flew into San Francisco from Vancouver for a City Hall wedding, we planned the whole thing from a distance. Trying to get information on the process for City Hall ceremonies was pretty difficult through the government website, it was very matter-of-fact but didn’t take into account a lot of the more emotional aspects of the ceremony. I found Rebecca through her blog and loved her work, so I decided to reach out to her. She had tons of experience photographing weddings at City Hall which I really liked (she knew the building well, knew lots of great nooks to get good shots in etc.) but she also knew all about the process! She gave me tons of great info about how long it really takes, how much time there is in between registering and the actual ceremony if you want to go to the bathroom for hair/makeup or ‘costume’ changes etc, and tips on how City Hall really handles the guest limits, among other things. It was so great to talk to someone who had been to so many SF City Hall weddings before and knew the full deal. Luckily she was available on our day so we booked her in. Booking Rebecca to photograph our wedding day is one of the best decisions we made out of everything we did. She was easy and fun to work with, very creative, and very respectful of our family, our space, and the special nature of the day. At the end of the day all you really want are really great photographs that capture your wedding day, and if someone is really easy and warm to work with that’s a bonus. Rebecca is all of those things, and her photographs are stunning! We literally had people tell us our wedding photos were the best they had ever seen! They are absolutely beautiful and totally capture us and the special day. Whether you are having a City Hall ceremony or a large wedding event, if Rebecca is available I highly recommend you book her before someone else does 🙂 She’s the best!” – Zoe & Leo – Vancouver, British Columbia

“Thank you for following up with us (as always). We received our wedding album and the entire album is BEAUTIFUL! From the box, to the album cover, to the page content / layout, to the photos themselves….AMAZING!  Thank you for your honest photographic aesthetic, attention to detail, and high quality work product. We feel so blessed to have had you as our wedding photographer; words can never express our gratitude. ” – Michelle & Brian

” [Rebecca] was so warm and thoughtful it just felt like another guest at our small wedding. 100% After a wedding all you have is your photos…and a spouse 🙂 Best money you can spend on a wedding is the photos.
Love Rebecca so much! Awesome person and photographer. From first email to last print she was a rockstar.” – Marsella & Ryan – San Francisco, CA

“Yes, because you are honestly a great photographer, and even better, a lovely person! Easy to work with, a collaborator, listened to the client’s wishes while holding true to your style (which is what I loved in the first place, your style). Professional in all ways! Multi-tasker: able to shoot lovely pictures and troubleshoot a wayward dress and bouquet. Best of all, my husband felt at ease in front of the camera, not an easy thing to do. We received a variety of pictures even though our wedding was just my husband and I, all priceless in our eyes. I can’t say enough about how happy we are at choosing you to shoot our wedding, blessed really to have found you! You were a joy to work with, so glad to have met you and have you share our special day with us!” – Lisa & David – Fremont, CA

“My husband and I really enjoyed having Rebecca shoot our wedding at San Francisco City Hall. We planned the wedding a bit last minute and on our first introductory call, she recommended we try and book one of the balconies if we wanted more privacy. We did and it was perfect. Her knowledge of City Hall and the lighting/setting was very impressive. Rebecca was a ton of fun to work with. She made us feel incredibly relaxed and the pictures captured our personalities, the joy, and the gorgeous setting perfectly. Even though we didn’t spend a lot on the wedding, we wanted the best photographer we could find. Could not be more happy with the result and would highly recommend Rebecca to others for any occasion. We will ask her to do our baby/family pictures after our little one arrives.” – Emily & Ather – Palo Alto, CA

“Rebecca takes exceptionally beautiful photos and you can tell how passionate she is about what she does.
We decided to get married in the amazing San Francisco City Hall. Coming from TX with very limited family and friends, we wanted a great photographer for our wedding.  We found Rebecca’s website and saw her breathtaking shots of City Hall Weddings. We also appreciated the fact that she cares about the environment and uses green practices to run her business.  We decided that she was the photographer for us!  Boy, did we hit the jackpot!  Rebecca is very creative and doesn’t settle for traditional wedding poses.  She isn’t afraid to try something new and different.  Her candid shots of us are some of my favorites. She is also a blast to be around!  My family and I really enjoyed her company and her creativity.  We are thankful that we met Rebecca and that she was our wedding photographer. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you Rebecca for documenting our special day!”
-Nicole & Johnathan – Dallas, TX

“I researched quite a few photographers, but I kept going back to Rebecca’s pictures. They were all so lovely and spontaneous. She has a way of capturing the essence of people–their emotions and expressions come through every picture. No fakey posed stiff “cheese” smiles. She gives gentle instructions and makes suggestions which makes you feel like it’s *your* day and they are *your* pictures and she is just there to enjoy the day with you. Rebecca is invested in gifting you with pictures you will treasure forever. She has an easy, fun personality and way of being that it makes it feel like she’s just a really good friend attending your wedding who also happens to take amazing pictures. She is so un-intrusive and seems to honestly enjoy sharing this special time with you. Rebecca is very knowledgeable about San Francisco City Hall weddings, so if you are thinking of that as your venue, I highly recommend her. But honestly, I would highly recommend her for ANY venue or photography need. She is helpful and full of information and really knows what she’s doing. All of my photos were gorgeous, and my friends and family absolutely loved them. I feel like she captured us and our happy day beautifully and skillfully. Rebecca is the best! We are very, very happy with our pictures.” – Valkyrie & Daniel – Richmond, CA

“Having been in San Francisco a little over 24 hours, we arrived at the wedding venue super early and found that Rebecca was already there to greet us! She put us at ease immediately and set the tone for the day; Rebecca brought energy and fun along with her vast experience to help guide us through the wedding procedures, relieving our anxieties. Her emotional support complemented her professional agenda: to capture our most intimate and natural moments. She did this, it seemed effortlessly, with minimal direction and without compromising on her imagination or ability to pay immense attention to detail, bringing the best out of a beautiful building and more importantly the best out of us. Rebecca was able to encapsulate our ceremonial journey in an authentic way and reflect this in our wedding photography, but crucially we were able to convey this to our absent friends and family. Rebecca was not just our photographer or our witness, she was a great friend. Our photographs are amazing, we love them!”
-Charlotte & Pani –  London, England

“Thank you so much for taking the most astounding photographs of our wedding. Not only were they artistically beautiful, but they were well-presented and framed. You’re truly talented! If we need any work done in the future, we know who to call!”
-Linda & Frank – San Francisco, CA

“Wow! The images are absolutely perfect. Thank you so much. We can’t wait to share with friends and family! Rebecca, you’re an incredible photographer with a great eye. The images are stunning. Perhaps even more important, your energy and easy-going demeanor took all of the stress out of the day. Your presence made the whole occasion feel more special. I can’t recommend you strongly enough.”

“Rebecca is an incredible photographer with a great eye for interesting and artistic shots. My partner and I recently retained her to shoot our wedding at City Hall. The images are stunning. Perhaps even more important, Rebecca’s energy and easy-going demeanor took all of the stress out of the day. Her presence made the whole occasion feel more special. We had such fun working with her. I can’t recommend her strongly enough.”
-Danny & Rob – San Francisco, CA

“THANK YOU for the BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Everyone has told us that they love the photos. Everyone at the wedding said what a pleasure it was to have you around. I thought I’d pass on the kudos since you won’t hear them all. Tim and I want to thank you for preserving our wedding day with such amazing work. We are overjoyed with our photos and how you captured our day. Not only do we love the photos, we enjoyed having you at our wedding. It was nice to have you around and you were there for it all and just blended in with the gang. The only thing I regret, we didn’t get a photo with YOU!!”
-Krista & Tim – Berkeley, CA

“Rebecca was just awesome! She is fun, open minded,  personable, imaginative and proactive while also being utterly professional. Her services were worth EVERY PENNY. We wish we could afford to fly her to us every time we have a significant event in need of capturing on film! We asked Rebecca to keep some things in mind while shooting (my husband is a foot taller than me, I don’t care for extreme close-ups, etc) and she was respectful of our hang-ups and did not even once ask us to pose or do anything that was uncomfortable. Rebecca was totally easy to work with and will take the initiative to make you comfortable with the planning of your day and the best execution of your photos before, during and afterward. Absolutely no attitude. We communicated 2-3 months before the wedding both by phone and e-mail about what our expectations were and what we wanted the end result to be, as well as how we wanted to spend our time in San Francisco. She made herself accessible to us and ALWAYS returned phone calls and e-mails in a timely fashion, both before the wedding and after. Bottom line is that every bride wants to feel and look beautiful on her wedding day, right?  Rebecca made me feel just that, and I don’t even like getting my picture taken! In fact it gives me a lot of anxiety. But I completely trusted her and was comfortable with her and decided to do my best to relax and let the professional do what she did best. It was an incredible and FUN experience. Our wedding/honeymoon, and the preserved memories, would not have been the same without Rebecca. We have absolutely no regrets or complaints! We went into our elopement planning to, and absolutely willing to, pay for good photography. That was our one luxury we afforded ourselves. At all costs, the pictures would be worth it, and they are! We are just thrilled with the final wedding album…it is beautiful, very special and absolutely priceless.” / “Working with Rebecca was a fantastic experience. Her knowledge and insight made our wedding weekend as special as we could have dreamed of it being. Her professionalism kept us calm so we could focus on our special day. The final product was an amazing collection of photos from our wedding weekend that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. I will not hesitate to work with Rebecca again for any of our professional photographer needs. She is the best.”
-Lee & Conor – Chicago, IL

“Rebecca was attentive and thorough. She cared about making us happy and went the extra mile to meet our requests. We asked for a slide show to music and she worked very hard to produce an exceptional DVD that we showed to guests at the wedding reception. She took some of most beautiful engagement photos that we’ve seen. The wedding shots and album are spectacular. Thank you Rebecca!”
-Sally & Lorin – Richmond, CA

“Bek, the photos are amazing and far exceeded our expectations! WOW, we look really good …is that really us?? Thank you SO, SO much. We haven’t had time to pick our favorites yet, but in the meantime we’re enjoying drooling over them. We both feel so honored and grateful to have had you there, capturing so many amazing moments. Including you in the intimate moments of our wedding was an absolute delight. Never before have either of us felt so at ease in front of a camera. Your presence is exceedingly gentle and unobtrusive; you have that rare photographer’s ability to make your subjects feel relaxed and beautiful, even in the midst of pre-wedding nerves. Simply said, you’re a blast to be around, and your photos are simply stunning. We feel incredibly grateful to have had you and your talent with us on our magical day. We will certainly be recommending you to our family and friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
-Ada & Peter – Seattle, WA

“Only a few minutes after meeting Rebecca, we both knew that she would be the best photographer for our wedding, and didn’t search for anybody else. Our wedding was not a conventional one; when we told her the ceremony would be at the beach, with a reception to follow in a barn at a local goat cheese farm, she showed only enthusiasm and shared in our excitement. She was full of very useful advice, yet made every effort to ensure that our vision of how the day should be was fulfilled. Rebecca put in much more effort than we would have expected; she came and scouted out both locations on several occasions, both with and without us, to suggest the best spots, and to make sure she was prepared to get the nicest shots. She even brought her own lighting system for the interior of the barn to ensure the photos would be perfect. The ambiance that the lighting created enhanced, rather than detracted from, the atmosphere. Rebecca placed no official time restrictions on us; she was there from the first bridal preparations, until the last of our guests staggered home. Having Rebecca as our photographer was one of the best decisions we could have made in preparing and planning our wedding. She was like having an extra friend at the wedding who just also happened to be taking the photos! The choice of photos was tremendous, it took a lot of effort to pick our favorites; a mix of ‘arty’, journalistic, and the requisite poses with family. Our album encompasses the whole day perfectly. We would both highly recommend you choose Rebecca for your wedding, or any event for which it is important to have a thorough record to keep the wonderful memories fresh in your minds.
-Marzia & Matt – Pescadero, CA

“From the very beginning Becky did an outstanding job! She was great about telling us everything she needed in advance, so we had a good idea what to expect on our wedding day. As a result, everything ran very smooth. Becky was very patient and professional while working our family. She took both fun and formal pictures and they all came out fantastic! She does a superb job of going beyond the regular still-shots to capture the most candid and memorable moments. Becky was at our wedding from beginning to end. She was dedicated to capturing every moment with the utmost quality, from when we were getting ready, all the way up until when we left the reception. She even stayed after WE left to continue taking pictures of our guests dancing! When the pictures were in, Becky gave us over 700 photos to choose from, and we loved them all! Becky is a first-class photographer who offers an exceptional product, value and service, and I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great photographer.
-Annette & Adrian – Yuma, AZ

“I do have to tell you that I love looking at our wedding album. I feel like I have an album filled with beautiful pictures of a beautiful woman who looks like me! I am certainly not, under normal circumstances, that pretty! Your pictures give us images of a completely magical day, one in which we were clearly happy, enjoying ourselves, and totally comfortable. Thank you for your sweet, creative and loving energy on that day, and for these memories.”
-Jennifer & Bruce – San Diego, CA

“Thank you so much for bringing your great energy and artistic eye to our wedding. We had a great time and it was easy to keep smiling for you. Your photos are just wonderful and captured our day from beginning to end.”
-Erin & Ken – San Diego, CA

“I never thought I was photogenic until I did a photo shoot with Becky. I was so surprised at how I could look! She had a great eye for poses and colors that really flattered me, even colors I thought I couldn’t wear. Her creativity with lighting, backgrounds, and wardrobe made for some truly unique and eye-catching photos. Working with Becky was fun and easy; she always made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. Whenever I felt nervous, she utilized great techniques that relaxed me and allowed me to express myself naturally. It is obvious that Becky loves photography, and her passion makes working with her a great experience with excellent results.”
-Fiamma A. – Brooklyn, NY

“Thank you so much for the beautiful photos. I have had a tremendous amount of compliments on our album. Everyone loves them and thinks you did a wonderful job. Many people tell me how I must have had a great photographer. The album you put together is perfect; I love looking through the pictures. The storybook style of the album has made it nice for those who were not able to make it to the wedding. Not only is the quality of your photos great, but so is your service. I am extremely grateful for how you took charge and kept me calm when it counted most. You did a wonderful job of taking photos when the scenery was less than optimal, and you took difficult situations and made them work perfectly. Having you for our photographer took away much of my stress! The fact that you were with us from start to finish, and I mean from me getting ready in the morning to us driving off at midnight, was very special. There are not many photographers who would stay after the group shots, especially at the affordable price you charged. Your work is professional, personal and you go way beyond what is expected. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer, and I have already recommended you to others. Thank you so much for all your hard work!”
-Dustine & Brad – Yuma, AZ

“Becky’s photographs tell the story of our wedding day from beginning to end without missing a beat. Each time I look at our album I feel like I’ve gotten married all over again. Our family and friends all agree on one thing: that Becky works extremely hard and her amazing photography shows it.” -Kristy & Allyn – El Centro, CA