Fun Facts

58973_425626928649_5857280_n a.k.a. the “Un-Official” Bio:

Nickname: “Bek”

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (yes, I’m a Cheese Head. Go Packers!)

I’m Passionate About: Photography, travel, music, art, animals, social justice and the environment. On weekends, you’ll often find me standing in the pit shooting live music concerts, or rolling around on the floor making images of lovable dogs.

Secret Indulgences: I have a few, and they aren’t so secret: salted caramel chocolate, 80’s new wave music, and an ever growing collection of shoes. But, my biggest indulgence is probably my love of animals, including my sweet pug, Otis, who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2016.

Biggest Strength/Weakness:
I dislike having my photo taken. However, my natural aversion to being photographed has led me to become a more sensitive, intuitive and patient photographer. I take the time to speak to my clients to discuss their goals and concerns. I work to create a personal connection and level of comfort that allows my clients to relax. I guide clients with their posing and expression, helping them feel to confident. I’m often told working with me is like working with an old friend who just happens to be *really* good behind a camera. And, I think that’s one of the best compliments I could receive!

Most Humbling Moment: Missing my flight to NYC (and scheduled visit to the World Trade Center on September 11th) because I ended up in the ER with a kidney stone. After I passed the stone, I hopped on a plane, which was re-routed to Boston, because all flights into New York had been canceled. Once in NY, I had the honor of documenting the brave members of FEMA and the NY Police and Fire Departments. Some of my photos from this trip ended up in a book that is now part of the permanent collection in the National Archives in Washington D.C.

Why Photography?: Simply said, images have the power to move people. They break down barriers and foster understanding and connection. They can make us laugh, or bring us to tears. They rekindle memories we once thought were forgotten. They help us see the humanity in all of us.

The “Look”: My style of photography draws upon my experience documenting varied subjects over many years. With every client, I seek to create images that accurately represent their brand and meet their end use, while still telling their story in an artistic and compelling way.

The “Approach”: My presence is warm, friendly and unobtrusive. I have the ability to effortlessly interact with and guide clients, while also documenting moments in a hands-off manner when appropriate. I believe people are their most interesting when they are completely comfortable and able to be themselves.

The “Experience”: If you are my client, you are incredibly important. I take on a limited number of clients to ensure that each one receives an exceptional level of service. This allows me the opportunity to become acquainted with my clients, discover their needs and goals, and truly understand their brand/personality so that I can deliver images that meet both technical requirements and creative vision.

How I came to be a Photographer: I first picked up a camera at the age of 10. I’ll never forget that my 5th grade summer school photography teacher also happened to be the gym instructor. He was just as skilled at rolling film in complete darkness as he was throwing a football. In middle school, I was head of the school year book staff. My teacher often commented on my ability to not only photograph and lay out a well designed book, but also my dedication to making sure ALL students were equally represented among it’s pages. Throughout high school, many of my weekends were spent photographing weddings with my dad, who was also a photographer. In college, I studied fine art and anthropology, so I could become the next famous National Geographic photographer. After college, and a brief stint working with a Nat Geo photographer, I quickly realized this career wasn’t all glamour and globetrotting. After moving to California, I worked in marketing while photographing editorial and photojournalism assignments for newspapers and magazines. In 2000, I photographed my first solo wedding when my good friend’s photographer canceled, and I’ve photographed hundreds of happy weddings since. In 2010, I expanded my studio to include corporate events, live music/entertainment and dog portraits. Currently, I live in San Francisco where I’m kicking ass and taking names, and hope to collaborate with you on your next project.